• Massive petrified redwood stumps

    Florissant Fossil Beds

    National Monument Colorado

While At The park

Things to do on a visit to Florissant Fossil Beds:

  1. Go to the visitor center and look at the displays of insect and leaf fossils. This is the best place to see these types of fossils.
  2. Go on the one-mile Petrified Forest Loop or 1/2 mile Ponderosa Loop. Both trails have interpretive signage.
  3. Explore the outdoor exhibit area where you can see massive petrified redwood trees and exhibits on geology and paleontology.
  4. Visit the Hornbek Homestead and learn from the exhibits and self-guided booklet.
  5. Go on one of our hiking trails and learn about the modern ecosystem.
  6. There is also a nearby, privately owned fossil collecting site. For a fee, your class can collect the same kinds of plant and insect fossils that are found in the Florissant Fossil Beds. Call the Monument for details.
  7. Have the students complete the Junior Ranger Program.

Did You Know?

Photo of 14 foot wide, 12 foot tall petrified tree stump of a redwood

The massive petrified redwood stump known as the "Big Stump" is not actually the largest diameter stump at Florissant Fossil Beds. The "Big Stump" measures 38 feet in circumference, but the biggest stump is over 41 feet.