• Massive petrified redwood stumps

    Florissant Fossil Beds

    National Monument Colorado

The Paleontologist's Path

Grades 1 to 3

The following activities are designed to be downloaded by teachers and used in the classroom. Contact our staff to book an activity at the Monument or for a ranger to visit your classroom. School visits are only available for the Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs areas.

Activity Sheets [241k PDF File]

Concentration Game Cards [543k PDF File]

Paper Fossils [2mb PDF File]

Bingo Player's Cards [1.2mb PDF File]

Bingo Call Cards [5mb PDF File]

Fossil Identification Packet

Short Story [719k PDF File]

Vocabulary [15k PDF File]

Did You Know?

fossil of wasp

Up to 1,500 different kinds of fossil insects and spiders have been found in the Florissant Fossil Beds making it one of the most diverse insect fossil sites in the world.