Lessons Learned

A lesson is truly learned when we modify our behavior to reflect what we now know.

The wildland fire community uses lessons from the past and present to improve for the future. This is important to improve safe work practices, advance organizational learning, and share lessons and knowledge within the entire wildland fire community.

New River Gorge Staff

Staff at New River Gorge National River perform an After Action Review or AAR after a prescribed fire to assess the operation.

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

The Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center is a cutting-edge knowledge resource center for the entire wildland fire community. The Center exists to improve safe work performance and organizational learning in interagency wildland fire.

Incident Reviews

This section of the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center site was developed with the intent to collect and share knowledge from previous incidents to assist in improving safety, performance, efficiency, and organizational learning throughout the entire wildland fire community.

My Fire Communities

The online My Fire Communities assists wildland fire work groups to identify one another, share learning opportunities, discuss issues and concerns, and exchange knowledge. Some are formal groups, but many are actually “communities of practice.”

Incident Management Team Communities

Communities on the Wildland Fire Lesssons Learned Center website are a way for Incident Management Teams to set up and maintain their own Web sites without the need for a webmaster or special software training. Team leaders can edit their site’s content from any web browser. Team members can maintain their contact and availability information in a secure, private part of their team`s site.