Wildland Fire Strategic Planning

National Park Service Wildland Fire Management Program Seeking Input on its Future

If you live, work, or play in an area which has the potential to be affected by wildland fire activity, then the National Park Service Wildland Fire Management program invites you to review and comment on the National Park Service Wildland Fire Strategic Plan, 2014-2019. At 12 pages, the plan is open for review at:


Responding to and managing wildland fire on National Park Service lands in today’s environment requires a change from the traditional approach previously employed by the service and our partner agencies.  Recognizing that the National Park Service will be entering its second century in 2016, the National Park Service Call to Action along with the intergovernmental “National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy” http://www.forestsandrangelands.gov/ provides background intent for the wildland fire strategic plan.  The 2014-2019 Wildland Fire Strategic Plan reflects innovative thinking both within and external to the National Park Service.

The plan is designed as a tool for superintendents, program managers and fire staff to facilitate planning and prioritize work in order to safely manage wildland fire in the ever-changing environment in which we live. As a dynamic tool, the plan defines the What, Who and How for future implementation.

The goal of Wildland Fire Management program staff across the nation is to collaborate with all other National Park Service programs, as well as our fire management partners and communities around us to manage wildland fire across landscapes. The most successful programs in the National Park Service are those where the wildland fire program is integrated with all aspects of the park’s operations.

Link into PEPC, pick up your mouse, tap on your keyboard and help us shape the future of the National Park Service Wildland Fire Management program.  The all-inclusive 45-day comment period, ends January 15, 2014. Anyone interested or engaged in wildland fire has the opportunity to read and provide comments and suggestions to the draft plan.  After the comment period closes, all suggestions will be reviewed and discussed by the task group before a final plan is developed for review and approval.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, it is appropriate for us to recognize and share the critical connection of the wildland fire management program to the mission of the Service. Be sure to help us do this by providing comment before January 15, 2014.

To comment, login to the NPS Planning, Environment and Public Comment System (PEPC):

DRAFT Wildland Fire Strategic Plan 2014–2019

PDF version of draft Wildland Fire Strategic Plan
Please use version provided through PEPC system at http://parkplanning.nps.gov/Wildland_Fire_Strategic_Plan to officially comment.

Wildland Fire Strategic Plan 2008–2012

The National Park Service manages wildland fire to protect the public, communities and infrastructure, conserve natural and cultural resources, and restore and maintain ecological health. The Wildland Fire Strategic Plan represents input from all levels and disciplines within the NPS wildland fire program, from parks to the national office, as well as the NPS natural resources program and our interagency partners. The format used identifies the relationship between goals, objectives, critical success factors, barriers and strategies. Action plans will be developed and updated on an annual basis to carryout strategies that support the objectives. Read Wildland Fire’s Strategic Plan 2008–2012

Interagency Coordination

Healthy Forests and Rangelands
A portal to information about Interagency and Intergovernmental Wildland Fire initiatives. The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy is a primary focus of this site. The Cohesive Strategy is a nation-wide strategic plan that will help protect communities and natural resources, and most importantly, the lives of firefighters and the public. It is a long-term commitment based on cooperation and communication among federal agencies, states, local governments, tribes and interested publics.

Office of Wildland Fire Coordination
The Office of Wildland Fire Coordination (OWFC) is headed by a Director who reports to the Assistant Secretary—Policy, Management and Budget through the Deputy Assistant Secretary—Business Management and Wildland Fire. The Director carries out the functions and responsibilities of the office with assistance from support, program and policy staff.