• Miles of uncrowded white sandy beaches extend to the horizon, separating the clear blue ocean and undulating grass-covered dunes.

    Fire Island

    National Seashore New York

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  • Pet Restrictions in Effect March 15 through Labor Day

    Dogs/other pets (except for service animals) are not allowed in the wilderness or on any of Fire Island's federally owned oceanfront beaches from March 15 through Labor Day to help protect threatened and endangered beach-nesting shorebirds. More »

  • Backcountry Camping Permit and Access Procedures

    Reservations for required permits must be obtained through www.recreation.gov. Due to the breach at Old Inlet, access to both east and west wilderness camping zones must now be from Watch Hill or points west, and involve a 1½ to 8 mile hike. More »

  • Attention Watch Hill Ferry Passengers

    Due to channel conditions, delay or cancellation of ferry service between Patchogue and Watch Hill may occur. For updated ferry schedule information, please call 631-475-1665.

Press Releases - 2007


07-24: Public Review of Environmental Assessment for Dredging of Sailors Haven Channel; Comments Due by December 10
(Adobe Acrobat) [11/8/2007]

07-23: Fall Programs at Wilderness Visitor Center: Star Watch on November 14 & 28, Weekend Mid-Morning Strolls
(Adobe Acrobat) [10/19/2007]

07-22: Cultural Landscape Tour on November 3, Autumn Bird Walk on November 18 at William Floyd Estate
(Adobe Acrobat) [10/19/2007]

07-21: Piping Plover Update: Low Productivity on Fire Island in 2007
(Adobe Acrobat) [10/10/2007]

07-20: Centennial Proposals Eligible for Matching Funds
(Adobe Acrobat) [8/23/2007]

07-19: Special Programs at William Floyd Estate Extended into Fall
(Adobe Acrobat) [8/22/2007]

07-18: Mosquito Programs at Fire Island National Seashore on August 24 & 25
(Adobe Acrobat) [8/20/2007]

07-17: Solicitation of Bids for Ferry Service Contracts Postponed
(Adobe Acrobat) [8/16/2007]

Bids Solicited for Fire Island National Seashore Ferry Service: Transportation to Watch Hill and Sailors Haven on Fire Island
(Adobe Acrobat) [8/2/2007]

07-15: Fire Island National Seashore Offers Special Tours to Barrett Beach from Patchogue, July 21-22 and August 18-19(Adobe Acrobat) [7/19/2007]

07-14: Fire Island National Seashore Facilities Open For Season
(Adobe Acrobat) [5/25/2007]

07-13: Fire Island National Seashore Offers Annual Fire Island Trek
(Adobe Acrobat) [5/18/2007]

07-12: Special Summer Programs at William Floyd Estate: June 2007
(Adobe Acrobat) [4/24/2007]

07-11: Public Meeting to Review Plans for Return of Fresnel Lens Rescheduled for April 21, 10-Noon at Fire Island Lighthouse
(Adobe Acrobat) [4/16/2007]

07-10: Public Meeting to Review Plans for Return of Fresnel Lens Postponed Due to Weather
(Adobe Acrobat) [4/15/2007]

07-09: Fire Island National Seashore Offers International Migratory Bird Day Program at William Floyd Estate on May 12
(Adobe Acrobat) [4/14/2007]

07-08: Fire Island National Seashore Hosts Planning, Science and Research Conference at Stony Brook University on May 9-10
(Adobe Acrobat) [4/12/2007]

07-07: National Park Week/Junior Ranger Day Programs at Fire Island National Seashore on April 21, 28 and 29(Adobe Acrobat) [4/4/2007]

07-06: Public Meeting to Review Fire Island National Seashore's Environmental Assessment for Return of Fresnel Lens
(Adobe Acrobat) [3/27/2007]

07-05: Teachers Workshop at Fire Island National Seashore on April 28
(Adobe Acrobat) [3/26/2007]

07-04: Volunteer Recruitment Day at Fire Island National Seashore on April 14(Adobe Acrobat) [3/8/2007]

07-03: Piping Plovers Return to Fire Island National Seashore; National Park Service Implements Annual Protection Procedures
(Adobe Acrobat) [3/7/2007]

07-02: National Park Service Budget Proposal for FY2008 Includes Increases for Fire Island National Seashore
(Adobe Acrobat) [2/6/2007]
Fact Sheet: The National Parks Centennial Initiative [2/7/2007]

07-01: National Park Service Conducts Winter Deer Darting Program at Fire Island National Seashore
(Adobe Acrobat) [1/26/2007]



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People on ferry look over Watch Hill Marina.

At least 2.2 million people spend time within the boundaries of Fire Island National Seashore every year. Almost 800,000 people annually visit park facilities. July and August are the busiest months. Sunny weekends are the busiest days. More...