• Miles of uncrowded white sandy beaches extend to the horizon, separating the clear blue ocean and undulating grass-covered dunes.

    Fire Island

    National Seashore New York

Press Releases-2004

NERO: Michael T. Reynolds to Head Fire Island National Seashore
(Adobe Acrobat) [12/10/04]

New Superintendent Mike Reynolds
04-16: Fire Island National Seashore Fire Management Plan Available for Public Review
(Adobe Acrobat) [12/15/04]

NERO: Acting Superintendent Barry Sullivan Selected to Head Gateway National Recreation Area; Leaving Fire Island National Seashore in January
(Adobe Acrobat) [12/07/04]

Acting Superintendent Barry Sullivan stands near National Park Service arrowhead symbol.
04-15: Bids Solicited for Concession Contract for Operation of Island Services at Fire Island National Seashore
(Adobe Acrobat) [11/09/04]

Boats docked at the Watch Hill Marina on Fire Island.
04-14: Antique Carriages on Parade at William Floyd Estate; Public Invited to Attend on October 30, 2004
(Adobe Acrobat) [09/24/04]

04-13: New Regulations for Personal Watercraft; Public Review and Comments through October 22, 2004
(Adobe Acrobat) [08/23/04]

04-12: West Nile Virus Found within Fire Island National Seashore
(Adobe Acrobat) [08/25/04]
Infected Mosquitoes Detected near William Floyd Estate
(Adobe Acrobat) [08/21/04]

04-11: Celebrate Special 40th Anniversary Events
September 3: 40th Anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act of 1964
September 11: 40th Anniversary of the establishment of Fire Island National Seashore
(Adobe Acrobat) [08/18/04]

Hiker dressed in light-colored long pants, long-sleeved shirt and hat explores the wilderness area on Fire Island.
04-10: Park Participates in National Healthy Beach Campaign
(Adobe Acrobat) [08/06/04]

Lifeguards on stand, park ranger on cleaned beach.
04-09: Volunteer Efforts Help Monitor and Control Mosquitoes: Park Partners Purchase Devices for Use at Watch Hill
(Adobe Acrobat) [07/23/04]

Enclosed mosquito trap in clearing near beach.
04-08: National Seashore Announces Plans for Barrett Beach
(Adobe Acrobat) [07/14/04]

04-07: Student Interns Enhance Park’s Interpretative Program with Talks on Alternative Transportation
(Adobe Acrobat) [07/09/04]

Park ranger teaches interns about seashore's special features.
04-06: Plovers Return to Protected Nesting Areas: Respect for Restrictions on Pets, Kites and Driving Appreciated
(Adobe Acrobat) [06/25/04]

Plover nest with four eggs on beach.
04-05: Summer Operations Resume at Fire Island National Seashore: Park Recovers from Harsh Winter; Plans for Special Programs
(Adobe Acrobat) [06/14/04]

04-04: Fire Island Driving Diverted by Piping Plover Chicks
(Adobe Acrobat) [06/04/04]

Adult piping plover on beach.
04-03: Revolutionary War Encampment at William Floyd Estate on June 12
(Adobe Acrobat) [05/24/04]

Re-enactors in Revolutionary War costumes demonstrate skills in front of William Floyd Estate.
04-02: Plovers Return; Pets Restricted on Some Fire Island Beaches
(Adobe Acrobat) [05/07/04]

Signs on beach near Fire Island Lighthouse mark areas closed to pets and kites due to nesting plovers.
04-01: Passing of Fire Island Superintendent Dave Spirtes
(Adobe Acrobat) [04/16/04]

Superintendent Spirtes, at his desk in January, passed away on April 15, 2004, after a brief illness.


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