• Miles of uncrowded white sandy beaches extend to the horizon, separating the clear blue ocean and undulating grass-covered dunes.

    Fire Island

    National Seashore New York

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  • Pet Restrictions in Effect March 15 through Labor Day

    Dogs/other pets (except for service animals) are not allowed in the wilderness or on any of Fire Island's federally owned oceanfront beaches from March 15 through Labor Day to help protect threatened and endangered beach-nesting shorebirds. More »

  • Backcountry Camping Permit and Access Procedures

    Reservations for required permits must be obtained through www.recreation.gov. Due to the breach at Old Inlet, access to both east and west wilderness camping zones must now be from Watch Hill or points west, and involve a 1½ to 8 mile hike. More »

  • Attention Watch Hill Ferry Passengers

    Due to channel conditions, delay or cancellation of ferry service between Patchogue and Watch Hill may occur. For updated ferry schedule information, please call 631-475-1665.

GMP Foundation Documents


As a standard component of a park's general management planning process, park managers and planners pause to reflect on the very foundation upon which a unit of the National Park System (NPS) was established. This starts with a review of the park's enabling legislation, relevant laws and policies, and its latest general management plan (1977 GMP), followed by a period of public scoping.

At Fire Island National Seashore, several meetings and workshops over the past years have also contributed to the planning process. Listed below are links to the reports and newsletters generated:

  • July 2006 Fire Island Communities Civic Engagement Roundtable
  • June 2007 Stakeholders Foundation Workshop Summary Report
  • Winter 2007/08 GMP Interim Report (GMP Newsletter 1)
  • April 2010 Preliminary Management Alternatives (GMP Newsletter 2)
  • September 2011 William Floyd Estate Preliminary Management Alternatives (GMP Newsletter 3)
  • July 2012 Fire Island Community Character Study (Vision Fire Island report)

Fire Island Communities Civic Engagement Roundtable

In the summer of 2006, Fire Island National Seashore undertook a civic engagement project in advance of the park's new GMP. This report summarizes the results and conveys the spirit generated from this historic meeting between the park and its community stakeholders.


A Stakeholders' Foundation Workshop was conducted by the National Park Service in June 2007. This workshop was planned as an opportunity for the GMP planning team to solicit input from a variety of citizens representing a range of communities and interest groups.

Approximately 40 people attended the two-day event. These included community leaders, property and business owners, elected officials, municipal employees, and representatives from friends groups and environmental organizations.

  • June 2007 Summary Report
    Stakeholders' Foundation Workshop
    June 25-26, 2007
Cover of FIIS GMP Interim Report, Winter 2007-08.

The Interim Report summarized public scoping, draft purpose and significance statements, and reviewed the project schedule at that point in time.

Several additional workshops were conducted from December 2007 through March 2008.

Cover of GMP Newsletter 2, April 2010

The public comment period for the preliminary management alternatives has ended, but feedback is always welcome.

Following two years of behind-the-scenes data collection and analysis, park planners released for public review and comment a draft of their preliminary management alternatives.

Fire Island National Seashore GMP Newsletter 2, April 2010 Preliminary Management Alternatives was available for public review and comment from April 24 through September 6, 2010.

This newsletter describes draft proposed management alternatives for the park. Public input is critical at this point to assist the National Park Service in refining the alternatives for presentation in a formal Draft General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (GMP/EIS), and the identification of the NPS preferred alternative.

April 2010: GMP Newsletter 2, Preliminary Management Alternatives

September/October 2010: Public Comments on GMP Newsletter 2

Cover of GMP Newsletter 3, September 2011: William Floyd Estate Alternatives

A separate set of preliminary management alternatives was drafted for the William Floyd Estate. Comments about the content in this newsletter were accepted from September 21 through October 31, 2011.


This report presents the findings of a visual evaluation involving the participation of hundreds of Fire Island residents to consider what physical qualities and characteristics contribute to making Fire Island the distinctive place that it is. The Vision Fire Island Photo Scavenger Hunt was conducted from late summer 2009 through early January 2010.


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Did You Know?

Piping Plover on sandy beach.

The Piping Plover is one of Fire Island National Seashore's threatened and endangered species. It makes its nest above the high tide line on clean, undeveloped beaches in the early spring. Chicks are fledged by late summer. More...