Yosemite Anniversary Stories

78 years of love

My parents drove to Yosemite from Berkeley in 1935, when I was 4 years old. They set up camp, and then decided I should be there, too. So, they drove all the way back to retrieve me, and we went every year from then on! Our car had no trunk, so we had things tied [...] Read More »

It’s all astonishing

All my memories of Yosemite are special and glorious. I think of my connection with Yosemite as eras in my life. My early times were spent in the valley with my folks. My mom loved the dance floor at Curry and my dad always got his hair cut at the barber's in the old village site while mom and I went for ice cream next door. We walked into the meadow at night to watch the firefall and over to where the bears were fed garbage and people ringed the garbage dump with cars with their lights on so we could all see. On the way home one night, I got lost with no flashlight and met my first bear up close and personal. Read More »

“Mom! We have to conquer something!”

My daughter came to me one spring after a difficult break up, distressed! In explaining about the break up, she suddenly exclaimed her need to conquer something. I could think of nothing more challenging then going up Half Dome and that summer I knew we would be in the area. Read More »

A very Special Honeymoon

We were married in June of 1985 and each of us wanted to have a Sierra Honeymoon where hiking and taking in the stunning beauty of the mountains would fill our every day. Where else but Yosemite! Nature could never paint a more perfect scene. We carry all those moments of 29 years ago with [...] Read More »

Inspired by family

I have never been to Yosemite before, but was inspired when my husband’s cousin, Catherine, asked for donations to Yosemite Conservancy instead of gifts for her wedding shower. I found this very moving, and gave again as a wedding gift to honor her and her now husband, Winston. I hope to be able to take [...] Read More »

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