Yosemite Anniversary Stories

Visit and memorial

I had the opportunity to spend 2 days at Yosemite in April ’13 with my daughter who lives in CA. It was a memorable visit as I have always wanted to see the park. We had a wonderful visit and it gave us a chance to spend some quality time together. I made the contribution [...] Read More »

Stars over May Lake

We backpacked into May Lake, the summer of 2012. One late eve, hearing the call of nature, I ventured outside of our tent. Once outside I was overwhelmed by the stars that lit my way. The blackness around the stars was so very black that one never experiences in “normal” life. The whole experience is [...] Read More »


Living less than 100 miles to the Valley floor would make one think that I went on numerous occasions growing up, not the case. I had been to Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff and Kootenai National parks before visiting Yosemite at the age of 31. I thought since it was so close to home, it couldn’t be [...] Read More »

Yosemite Through the Years

I first visited Yosemite in June of '73; we entered from Nevada on our way to the California coast. It was a grand day — the sun was warm and the air was crisp. What I remember of this time are two things. One, when we stopped in the high country and laying on the large granite boulders and how warm they were. Two, that night we stopped in the valley pulled our VW bug off on a side lane and sleeping under a very large tree hoping a ranger would not see us — he did not. Read More »

Young, Fearless and Lucky

In the early 50's Yosemite called to Don and me, both winter and summer. We were young and foolish, with hormones gone wild. I recall sleeping bags under the 1940 Chevy to keep the snow off during the night. Summer time you could throw a sleeping bag in the meadow. One day we met two charming ladies from Boston. Read More »

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