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    National Park Florida

Volunteer Group Projects

Volunteer groups carry out a wide variety of projects. From trimming vegetation along hiking trails to removing invasive plant species, volunteer groups provide the many hands needed to greatly enhance park trails, facilities and habitats. Learn about how your group can become involved, by clicking on the links below.

Recycling, for the Health of the Everglades!

Spring, Fall and Winter Cleanup

Maintain and Enhance Park Facilities

Trimming Vegetation for Everglades Exploration!

Invasive Plant Species Removal

Wetland Prairie and Pineland Restoration

Scheduling Your Work Day

Call the Volunteer Coordinator at 305-242-7752, to learn more about these and other opportunities and to plan your work day!

Did You Know?

Soft-Shell Turtle

Soft-shell turtles may not have the protective hard covering seen on other turtles, but they make up for that with relatively greater speeds in the water. Also, their long noses are well adapted for snorkeling. These amazing animals seem perfectly built for a life in the Everglades!