• Pa-Hay-okee Overlook


    National Park Florida

Spring Cleaning - Year Round

Trash greatly affects the health of wildlife, habitats and humans. Animals may be harmed if they mistake litter for food. Chemicals may contaminate water and soil and leech into surrounding habitats and, for people who come to Everglades National Park to explore, fish, hike, bike and canoe, trash is not a welcome sighting. With this job, many hands can make a huge difference! Come out and create a pile of your own, one that will be hauled out of the Everglades.

Did You Know?

Soft-Shell Turtle

Soft-shell turtles may not have the protective hard covering seen on other turtles, but they make up for that with relatively greater speeds in the water. Also, their long noses are well adapted for snorkeling. These amazing animals seem perfectly built for a life in the Everglades!