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    National Park Florida

Property Management Assistant

Job Title: Property Management Assistant

Location: Pine Island Maintenance Yard, Homestead, FL

Project Duration: Ongoing

Hours Per Week: Flexible, Mon-Fri

Hours Per Month: Flexible

Description of Duties: A large park such as the Everglades has a huge inventory of equipment and there is always a need to purchase more! Assist the property management team by reviewing purchase orders, buying equipment and supplies, and utilizing computers to prepare quote requests and compile information.

Benefits: This is a great position for anyone interested in gaining experience in purchasing and comparison shopping. Volunteers will also be able to enhance their computer and organization skills.

Goal/Outcome of Position: To help streamline property acquisition so that needed items are procured quickly and cheaply.

Knowledge/Skills/Experience Desired: We are looking for someone who enjoys working with computers and is interested in the logistics of purchasing.

Did You Know?

Prescribed Fire in Everglades National Park

On April 21, 1958, Everglades National Park conducted the first prescribed fire for ecological management in both the Park and the National Park Service. This burn pioneered using fire as a resource management tool nationwide.