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Long Pine Key Campground

Starting April 21, camping options are changing for our slower summer season: the majority of campsites in the Long Pine Key Campground will be closed. At Long Pine Key Campground, 8 campsites will remain open. As of June 1, all of Long Pine Key Campground will close.

Campground open November 20 - May (closed in the summer)

The Long Pine Key Campground is located seven miles (11 km) from the main entrance, just off the main road. It has 108 drive up sites for tents and RVs, including one group site. There are rest rooms, water, and a sewer dump station with fresh water fill, but no showers or hookups. A picnic area is nearby, with fire grates and rest rooms. There is also a pond for fishing, an amphitheater for winter programs, and several hiking trails in the areaLong Pine Key .



INDIVIDUALS - No Reservations accepted, sites are available only on a first come, first serve basis. There is generally enough spaces to meet the demand.

GROUPS (Up to 15 people) Reservations for Group Sites are only available between November 20th - April 15th. Please call 305-242-7745 or call the Long Pine Key Campground directly at 305-242-7873 between November 20th - April 15th only.

Long Pine Key
Tent sites at Long Pine Key

Did You Know?

Sawgrass Prairie

Everglades National Park holds the largest continuous stand of sawgrass prairie in North America. Deer, apple snails, muskrats, and alligators are just some of the species wildlife that utilize this habitat for survival.