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Plan Process

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The Acquisition of Florida Power and Light Company Lands in the East Everglades Expansion Area will have a number of opportunities for the public and partner agencies to learn about the proposal and comment on this project. Below is the current estimated project schedule.

Step 1. Initiate project - January 2011
Step 2. Conduct public scoping - May - July 2011
Step 3. Develop and refine alternatives - August 2011
Step 4. Prepare Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) - August 2011 - January 2012
Step 5. Distribute DEIS to public and host public meeting - February - April 2012
Step 6. Analyze and respond to public comment - April to June 2012
Step 7. Prepare Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) - June - September 2012
Step 8. Distribute FEIS to the public - September 2012
Step 9. Prepare and sign Record of Decision - October 2012

Did You Know?

Full Moon

National Parks are some of the few places in this country where people can experience a night sky in all its magnificence, without the interference of artificial lights. In fact, a night sky monitoring program is being implemented in the National Park System to inventory light pollution.