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SFNRC Programs


The South Florida Natural Resources Center (SFNRC) conducts work across various program areas that informs the management of the south Florida national park units. The work of the SFNRC spans a variety of scientific disciplines and addresses issues pertaining to wildlife management, hydrology, water quality, restoration, and invasive plants and animals. Follow the links below to learn more about each of the SFNRC program areas.

Research Groups

Ridge and Slough Ecology Program

Ecological Modeling Program

Hydrologic Modeling Program

Inventory and Monitoring

Hydrologic Monitoring Program

Wildlife Monitoring Program

Aquatics Program

Natural Resources Management

Invasive Plant Program

Invasive Animal Program

Marine and Estuarine Resources Management

Restoration Assessments

Modified Water Deliveries Project

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan Project

Tamiami Trail Next Steps Project

Did You Know?

Tree Snail

Over fifty-nine color varieties of the Liguus Tree Snail have been seen in and around the Everglades ecosystem. They graze on the algae and lichen that grows on smooth-barked trees. During the dry winter months, they are usually sealed to these trees to conserve moisture.