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NPS Reserach Permit Statutes, Policies & Laws

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National Park Service Organic Act,

National Park Service Omnibus Management Act of 1998

National Park Service Management Policies 2001

Natural Resource Management Reference Manual #77

Director's Order #75 (Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring)

Director's Order #24 (National Park Service Museum Collection Management)

Natural Resource Management Reference Manual 41 (Wilderness Preservation and Management)

Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (16 USC 470f)

Endangered Species Act of 1973

Wilderness Act.

Did You Know?

Tree Snail

Over fifty-nine color varieties of the Liguus Tree Snail have been seen in and around the Everglades ecosystem. They graze on the algae and lichen that grows on smooth-barked trees. During the dry winter months, they are usually sealed to these trees to conserve moisture.