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Eastern screech owl

Gray morph of an Eastern screech owl.

Photo courtesy of C.S. Robbins, USGS

The Eastern screech owl (Otus asio) is a small, nocturnal, predatory bird with prominent ear tufts and yellow eyes. Some of these owls have rusty plumage, while others are dark gray. Their excellent camouflage makes it difficult to spot them hiding out in tree branches and hollows by day, but a trained observer can easily hear their whinnies and songs both day and night. Listen to the call of an Eastern screech owl recorded at the Pinelands acoustic monitoring site.


Acoustic monitoring sites in Everglades National Park.
Acoustic monitoring sites in Everglades National Park.

Did You Know?

Baby alligator

Female alligators will vehemently protect their nests and their young until they reach one to two years of age. Keep your eyes out for baby alligators in the Everglades - they're about a foot long with yellow stripes.