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West Indian Manatee Research

Everglades National Park monitors manatees by tagging them and tracking them through aerial surveys. In 2005, scientists observed 176 adults and 7 calves in park waters. The surveys revealed that manatees frequently enter tidal creeks to obtain freshwater for drinking and refuge during cold weather. Park scientists also evaluate manatee health by capturing individuals and taking biological samples for laboratory study.
Cover of Manatee Administration Report

Review and Synthesis of Manatee Data in Everglades National Park, 2006
Bradley M. Stith, Daniel H. Slone, and
James P. Reid
PDF, 5.3 MB

Did You Know?

Tree Snail

Over fifty-nine color varieties of the Liguus Tree Snail have been seen in and around the Everglades ecosystem. They graze on the algae and lichen that grows on smooth-barked trees. During the dry winter months, they are usually sealed to these trees to conserve moisture.