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    National Park Florida

Fire Regime

Prescribed fire burning in the Coastal Prairie area of the park

A fire burning in the Coastal Prairie, which is in the remote southwestern part of Everglades National Park.

NPS photo by Jennifer Brown

Fire is critical to the survival of the pineland, prairie, and tree island ecosystems of the Everglades. Fire management in Everglades National Park combines fire operations, prescribed fire, and fire ecology in order to maintain fire in the natural ecosystems while adequately considering impacts upon nearby human population centers as well as habitat for threatened and endangered species. The plans and actions of the Everglades Fire Management staff are guided by the Fire Management Plan.

Learn about Fire Management tactics used in Everglades National Park at the following links:

Did You Know?

Full Moon

National Parks are some of the few places in this country where people can experience a night sky in all its magnificence, without the interference of artificial lights. In fact, a night sky monitoring program is being implemented in the National Park System to inventory light pollution.