CESI Program Areas & Projects

CESI projects are organized into four general science-based program areas to manage better the multiple interdisciplinary science needs required to design, implement, and assess the success of restoration projects.

Baseline Research
These projects provide valuable baseline information needed to determine what should be monitored and to resolve uncertainties in simulation modeling and restoration assessments.

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Long-term Monitoring
These projects allow land managers to evaluate the status of particular species and ecosystems and assess improvements over time. The status and trends information gained from monitoring is applied toward the development and analysis of restoration objectives.

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Simulation Modeling
These projects support the development and refinement of predictive models that simulate physical and biological responses to proposed modifications. Simulation Modeling projects use data from Baseline Research and Long-term Monitoring projects to parameterize models.

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Environmental Assessments
Environmental Assessment projects utilize information and design ideas from Baseline Research, Long-term Monitoring, and Simulation Modeling projects to streamline assessment of the success of restoration efforts. These projects include those that lead to the development and application of decision support tools that can automate assessments of restoration alternatives.

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