Everglades: A Remarkable Classroom

Welcome Teachers and Educators 
Since 1971, we have partnered with teachers to provide curriculum-based, environmental education programs.

Use Everglades National Park as your classroom to:

Your students will thank you!


Students use plant ID card

Everglades curriculum materials

The one-stop shop for your teaching and lesson planning needs.

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Habitat videos for the classroom

Our fun "Mountains and Valleys" series will immerse students in the Everglades.

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Essential Everglades Education funding comes from donars

Thank you friends!

Everglades Education is generously supported by grants from the South Florida National Parks Trust and Peacock Foundation Inc.

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Read an independent evaluation on the Everglades Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education at its best

A Clemson University study shows that Everglades' Environmental Education program is very successful at connecting kids with nature.

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Teachers at a workshop

Teacher workshops and professional development

Teacher/ranger-led field trips require a credentialling workshop. See what we have to offer.

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Students watch sunrise by a lake

Do you want a curriculum-based program?

Teachers and rangers work together to provide field trips for 4th-6th grade students.

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Everglades Environmental Education Guide

Get the brochure of all the different environmental education programs and products the Everglades has to offer.

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Students on a field trip

Field trip planning guides

Anyone planning an Everglades field trip can benefit from our various Teachers Guides.

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