Lesson Plan

"Water Poetry"                        Water: 4-6 Grade

Students write as the sun rises


Students will learn the importance of the water cycle to the Everglades watershed. They will also be able to describe ways in which they use and conserve water, after which they will write a poem about water.


Our "Water" unit of the activity guide contains various lesson plans, most of which take 45 minutes to an hour to complete (although some only 15-30 minutes), and targeted mainly at 4th-6th grade students. Most of these lessons focus on learning about the water cycle and the Everglades watershed. A class doesn't need to complete every lesson in the unit, though some lessons do refer to one another and are better done in sequence. Each lesson comes with its own set of objectives and resources.

Additional Resources




Water cycle, transpiration, precipitation, aquifer, ground water, conservation