Lesson Plan

"What's that Slippery Mess?"      Water: 4-6 Grade

Ranger-led tram tour


The student will be able to: a) show ways oil spills can affect wildlife adversely, and b) point out possible negative consequences to wildlife, people, and the environment from human-caused pollutants and/or industry.


Oil drilling has been proposed for Florida's Gulf Coast and in the Dry Tortugas. Oil spills in Big Cypress Preserve, which is adjacent to the western border of Everglades National Park, have occured. The Big Cypress Oil Spills Rrport documents that oil spills have occurred in Big Cypress. The Deepwater Horizon incident in 2010 has severely impacted the wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico and the livelihoods of many who live on the Gulf Coast. The potential for environmental damage from oil drilling in the Dry Tortugas, Florida's Gulf Coast, and the Big Cypress Preserve is a real and ever-present danger.

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Pollutant, Oil Spill, Resource Management