Lesson Plan

"Habitat Hunt"                        National Parks: 4-6 Grade

Sunset over the Pine Rockland habitat


Students will learn about 5 habitats in Everglades national park: the cypress slough, sawgrass prairie, pineland, mangrove estuary, and hardwood hammock, and learn each habitat’s characteristic plant and animal life.


Our "National Parks" unit of the activity guide contains various lesson plans, each taking on average 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and targeted mainly at 4th-6th grade students. Most of these lessons focus on learning the location of, and characteristic plant and animal life of each national park unit in South Florida. A class doesn't need to complete every lesson in the unit, though some lessons do refer to one another and are better done in sequence. Each lesson comes with its own set of objectives and resources.

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Habitats, flora, fauna, cypress slough, sawgrass, pineland, mangrove, hammock