Lesson Plan

"Create an Animal"                  Wildlife: 4-6th Grade

students feel an alligator skin


Students will "win' pieces of animals by answering trivia questions about animal’s classification and adaptations.  When every group has a “head” “body” and “feet” section of animal, groups will complete a worksheet and draw their new animal and present it to the class.


Our "Wildlife" unit is broken into 16 lesson plans, each taking from 20 minutes to several class periods to complete, and targeted mainly at 4th-6th grade students. A class needn't complete every lesson in the unit, though some lessons do refer to one another and are better done in sequence. However, each lesson comes with its own set of objectives and resources.

Additional Resources





Adaptation, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Animalia, Cordata.