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    National Park Florida

D Battery

D-2-52  IFC 1978

Missilemen at D Battery, 1978.

C. Carter

D Battery, along with A and C Battery, was dispatched to south Florida during October 1962 when President Kennedy ordered the units to defend the southern coast of Florida. No, it was never an insane asylum. However, some may have thought so.

In 1965, the permanent site was built although much of the Administration / IFC has been demolished. The former Launch Area is now the INS Krome Service Processing Center, a federal facility used primarily to hold illegal immigrants awaiting immigration hearings to detain Haitians. A guard post is positioned between Krome Avenue and the former launch area Ready Building. The Section Barns were converted into a mess hall, barracks, and training rooms.

Did You Know?

Indigo Snake

Of the 27 species of snakes in Everglades National Park, only four are venomous – the cottonmouth, the diamondback rattlesnake, the dusky pygmy rattlesnake, and the coral snake. The snake to the left is the non-venomous, endangered Indigo Snake.