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Teacher registration for 2014-2015 curriculum-based, ranger-guided programs will begin at 8:00am Friday August 15, 2014.

Programs will start October 21, 2014 and run through April 2015

Demand for programs greatly exceed program dates - there is no guarantee that all requests will be met. Confirmations will be sent in September-October.

Ranger passing out periphyton to students
Ranger Greg passes out periphyton to 5th grade students at Long Pine Key.
NPS Photo by Katy Raits

Everglades Environmental Education Program

The National Park Service seeks to instill in all visitors an appreciation for South Florida's natural areas, and to cultivate an awareness of the many challenges they face. Everglades National Park sponsors on-site, curriculum-based education programs for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes. As today's students become tomorrow's leaders, it is hoped that they will be motivated to help solve the many problems we face today.

These programs are best suited for local schools within reasonable driving distance to the park. Participation in these programs is free of charge and only available by advance reservation.

Currently, the park offers four main programs:

4th Grade - Shark Valley Day Program

5th & 6th Grade - Royal Palm Day Program

5th & 6th Grade - Loop Road Camp Program

5th & 6th Grade - Hidden Lake Camp Program

All participating teachers are required to attend training workshops before bringing their classes to the park. Workshops give teachers valuable background information and resources for bringing the Everglades into the classroom. The ranger-led program serves as one component of a complete Everglades curriculum.

Download the new "Camping Program Teacher's Guide" for 5th and 6th grades.

Download the new "Royal Palm Teacher's Guide" for 5th and 6th grades.

Download the new "Shark Valley Teacher's Guide" for 4th grade.

Ranger-led programs for other grades may be arranged as a Special Request Program (subject to staffing).


For more information please call the Education Office at (239) 695-4796 or (305) 242-7753 or email us.

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This environmental education program is generously supported by grants from Peacock Foundation Inc. and the South Florida National Parks Trust.

Did You Know?

Tropical Hardwood Hammock

The “high and dry” tree islands of the Everglades are called tropical hardwood hammocks. The park marks a significant edge of the northern limits of many subtropical plants and the southern limits of many temperate plants. This provides quite a unique and beautiful landscape.