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    National Park Florida

K-3 Activity Guide

Section 1: Colored Alphabet Picture Cards
Colored Alphabet Picture Cards (278 KB)

Section 2: Black and White Alphabet Picture Cards
Black and White Alphabet Picture Cards (230 KB)


Section 3: Kindergarten Activities
Gar, Gar, Gator (46 KB)
Nature Hunt (53 KB)
Circle Round and Round (62 KB)

Section 4: First Grade Activities
Everglads ABCs (41 KB)
Shapes in Nature (37 KB)
Mangrove Island (65 KB)


Section 5: Second Grade Activities
Finding Home: Everglades Habitats (64KB)
Food Chain Gang (42 KB)
Food Chain Mobile (32 KB)

Section 6: Third Grade Activites
Web of Life (60 KB)
Mosquito Swat (83 KB)
Chaos to Order (40 KB)


Section 7: Natural History Information
Natural History (548 KB)

Section 8: Vocabulary
Vocabulary (118 KB)

Section 9: Resources
Resources (67 KB)

Did You Know?

Aerial view of Everglades Coastline

Everglades National Park ranges from sea level to 20 feet above sea level on an Indian-made shell mound located on the Gulf Coast portion of the Park.