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Guest Speakers & Community Outreach


Park Ranger presenting at a local school


A park ranger may be able to participate at your next career day, community event or bring the park into your classroom with interactive outreach activities. Rangers can speak on a variety of topics at community or educational programs throughout South Florida. We strive to meet all requests, however, our ability to participate depends on staffing and availability. Submit a request in advance by completing the form below and follow directions for submittal.

A ranger will contact you regarding your request. Please note that we will do our best to accomodate your group. For pre-planning questions about community events, you may email us.

Outreach Events

Did You Know?

Soft-Shell Turtle

Soft-shell turtles may not have the protective hard covering seen on other turtles, but they make up for that with relatively greater speeds in the water. Also, their long noses are well adapted for snorkeling. These amazing animals seem perfectly built for a life in the Everglades!