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Current Volunteer Opportunities
Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
Activities: Botany, Construction/Maintenance, Conservation Education, Tour Guide/Interpretation, Visitor Information, Weed/Invasive Species Control
Dates: 09/01/2002----12/31/2010

To view more NPS volunteer opportunities, go to www.nps.gov/volunteer or www.volunteer.gov/gov

Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site (NHS) has two types of volunteer positions. Interpretive volunteers that answer visitor questions and present interpretive / educational programs at the Eugene O'Neill House about O'Neill, the NHS, and the NPS in general. We request that applicants for these volunteer positions commit to a minimum 1 year agreement due to the amount of training involved. Community service applicants are NOT eligible for these volunteer positions.

Maintenance volunteers will perform manual labor in the park’s walnut orchards and other park areas. These duties will include picking up trash, pulling weeds and removal of alien plant species, mowing lawns, picking ripe fruits/nuts, hauling plants, trees limbs etc from the pruning site to the composting area. As well as other duties as needed and determined by the maintenance supervisor. All volunteers, including community service applicants, may apply and there is no minimum commitment requirement. Volunteers with back, heart, allergies or other medical conditions are advised that this is physically demanding work in the outdoors.

These positions are ongoing opportunities in the park.

Please call us Wednesday through Sunday from 9AM to 4 PM (PT) at: 925-838-0249 for more information.

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