• Historic inscriptions carved in the bluff at El Morro.

    El Morro

    National Monument New Mexico

For Teachers

Visiting El Morro can be fun and educational!

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Thank you for choosing to visit El Morro National Monument. A combination of hundreds of years of human history and millions of years of natural wonders can make this a truly educational experience for you and your students.

Please note, El Morro National Monument no longer charges an entrance fee. To make a reservation for a school group visit, please fill out and follow the directions for "Obtain a School Group Reservation" below.

Obtain a School Group Reservation
If your visit is educational in nature, your school group may qualify for a School Group Reservation. more . . .

Plan a Field Trip
By planning ahead and being prepared for what to expect when you’re here, a school visit can be enjoyable as well as educational for all. more . . .

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