• Historic inscriptions carved in the bluff at El Morro.

    El Morro

    National Monument New Mexico

For Kids

These young people are enjoying their visit to El Morro.
Kids enjoy leaving their own "inscriptions" the only place at El Morro where it's o.k. to—on the rocks in front of the visitor center.
NPS Photo
Image of kids and Mom at the kid's corner
Back at the visitor center, kids will find lots of books and other neat stuff in the "kid's corner".
NPS photo

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Did You Know?

Image of tinaja on mesa top at El Morro National Monument

It is likely the early inhabitants of Atsinna Pueblo at El Morro National Monument collected water when they could from the many tinajas found across the top of the mesa. These natural depressions in the sandstone hold rain during the summer monsoons and snowmelt during the winter.