Curriculum Materials

A naturalists guides students in observing a prairie dog colony at El Malpais.

A naturalist guides students in using binoculars to observe a prairie dog colony at El Malpais.


Malpais Mysteries!

This curriculum guide is aimed at the 4th grade level, but can be adapted as needed for most elementary level instruction. Click on the title below to download the document.

Malpais Mysteries (22.4 Mb pdf)


Activity Sheets

These documents can be printed on clear material and used as transparencies, or color printed on paper to explain the forces of volcanism.

The Fire Triangle (41 Kb pdf)

Lava Tube Formation (55 Kb pdf)

Life in the dark (29 Kb pdf)

Volcano Formation (45 Kb pdf)

Aa Lava (104 Kb pdf)

Pahoehoe Lava (77 Kb pdf)

Pyroclastic Flows (56 Kb pdf)

Did You Know?