• Immigrants awaiting inspection in front of Ellis Island's Main Building

    Ellis Island

    Part of Statue of Liberty National Monument NJ,NY

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  • Ellis Island is open on a limited basis while repairs continue.

    Ellis Island has reopened on a limited basis. Due to the nature of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, parts of the historic Main Building and museum remain closed at this time. The museum's artifacts remain in off-site storage. More »

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Landfill was used to double the size of the original Ellis Island. In 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that New York state could claim the area of the original island (where the Main Immigration Building stands), while the rest of the island belongs to New Jersey.

What state can claim Ellis Island? In 1998 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the area of the original island (where the Main Immigration Building stands) is within New York state, while the part of the island created by landfill belongs to New Jersey. (For the full size map, click on the image.)


Statue of Liberty National Monument, which includes Ellis Island as well as Liberty Island, is a national park in New York Harbor. The park's Public Affairs Office is responsible for media affairs on both islands.

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Did You Know?

Annie Moore statue on the 2nd Floor of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Annie Moore was the first immigrant processed at Ellis Island on January 1, 1892, after she arrived from Ireland on the SS Nevada. Charles Hendley of the Secretary of the Treasury's office inspected Annie, she was then given a $10 gold coin by Immigration Superintendent Colonel John Weber.