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Isadore Remembers Trying a Tomato


Isadore Remembers Trying a Tomato (Transcript)

Interviewee: Isadore Samet
Date of Birth: September 23, 1898
Date of Interview: September 6, 1991
Interviewer: Paul E. Sigrist, Jr.
Immigrated from Poland in 1914 at age 16
Ellis Island Collection: EI-87

Isadore Samet (First Tomato):
My brother took me over and wanted to give me a treat. So he said, "There are some peddlers around the street coming out from here. There are some tomatoes." I never had a tomato in my life. I didn't know what sort of a tomato looks like. (He laughs) So he gave me a tomato and I eat the tomato. I spit it out. I couldn't take it. (He laughs) I said, "What is this, what they give me to eat?" He started laughing, so we kept going there, no tomato.

Download Copy of Transcript: Samet First Tomato Transcript

Did You Know?

passenger manifest

Since the passage of the "Steerage Act of 1819", passenger manifests have been required for all arriving vessels to be delivered to the U.S. Government and reported to Congress. This document, used for inspection at Ellis Island, has become an important starting point in researching family history.