• Photo of the Eisenhower Farm. Courtesy of Stan Cohen.


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available at Eisenhower NHS including:

  • Assisting the interpretive staff conducting talks and tours in the Eisenhower home and on the grounds.
  • Providing informal tour of the Eisenhower show barn and explaining the President's farm and cattle operation to visitors.
  • Working in the research library converting oral history tapes to CD and DVD.
  • Joining other volunteers to clean the Eisenhower barns, vehicles, and farm equipment on Volunteer Project Days.
  • Assisting other volunteers in maintaining the Eisenhower vegetable garden.

Group volunteer projects involving fence painting and removal of exotic vegetation are available.

If interested in contributing your time to the preservation of the Eisenhower home and farm and or in interpreting its history, contact Ranger Richard Lemmers at (717) 338-9114 ext. 4413 or e-mail us.

Did You Know?

Eisenhower and Churchill, WWII

General Eisenhower referred to World War II as the “fartingest war in history,” a result of all the cabbage and brussel sprouts served in London due to food shortages throughout the war.