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Water Quality

Cardinal flowers blooming along Marsh Creek.

Cardinal flowers blooming along Marsh Creek.

C. Davis

Marsh Creek and Willoughby Run are the two principle streams that flow through the park. Both of these steams bisect agricultural areas and are therefore susceptible to degraded water quality. The water quality of Marsh Creek is monitored through the Adams County Watershed Alliance.

The Gettysburg Municipal Authority is located on Marsh Creek, just north of the park boundary. The system has seven wells and a surface water intake on Marsh Creek that serves a population of approximately 12,000 people. The drinking water system primarily serves customers in Gettysburg Borough and both Straban and Cumberland townships

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Watershed Alliance of Adams County Conducts water quality monitoring on Marsh Creek

Did You Know?

Eisenhower and Churchill, WWII

General Eisenhower referred to World War II as the “fartingest war in history,” a result of all the cabbage and brussel sprouts served in London due to food shortages throughout the war.