• Photo of the Eisenhower Farm. Courtesy of Stan Cohen.


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A juvenile raccoon at Eisenhower NHS

A juvenile raccoon at Eisenhower NHS

C. Davis

The Eisenhower National Historic Site is located adjacent to the southwestern boundary of the Gettysburg National Military Park. The site includes nearly 700 acres of bucolic farmland, meadows, pastures, riparian areas and oak-hickory forest. Two streams, Marsh Creek and Willoughby Run, traverse the park and provide habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. This small park has been designated as a Pennsylvania Important Mammal Area for it's populations of the least shrew (Cryptotis parva), a State Endangered mammal. Additionally, the park is included in the Important Bird Area designation because of its habitat for loggerhead shrikes, short-eared owls, and upland sandpipers.

Did You Know?

Gen. Eisenhower addressing troops on the eve of the D-Day invasion

On the eve of the D-Day invasion, General Eisenhower wrote a short speech he intended to deliver if the operation failed. It was discovered days later by an aide after falling out of the General’s pocket. It read in part, ”If any blame or fault attaches to this attempt, it is mine alone.”