The Molding of a Leader


The Molding of a Leader focuses on Eisenhower's leadership ability and the trust others had in him as both Supreme Commander and 34th President of the United States. Through a series of lesson plans, teachers prepare students to visit the historic site. Lessons help students define the traits that make someone a person of character. Using timelines students learn about Eisenhower's experiences and what character traits he acquired from those experiences. Students then create their own family timeline showing how they and their family members gained positive character traits from their own experiences. Students also "Get on the right TRRACC like Ike" as they learn to be Trustworthy, Respectful, Responsible, Accountable, Caring and a good Citizen.

After completing the classroom lessons, students visit the historic site to participate in the Eisenhower: A Man of Many Hats program. As they tour the site with a park ranger, students wear reproductions of hats that Eisenhower wore in his lifetime. From an Abilene Athletic Association baseball cap, to a World War II battle helmet, to the fedora Eisenhower often wore as president, students learn how each part of Eisenhower's life helped him develop or exhibit good character. Then throughout the year, teachers reward students that exhibit positive character traits with the Eisenhower Good Character Award. An in-classroom version of the Eisenhower: Man of Many Hats program is offered November through March.

To register for the on-site or in-classroom program call (717) 338-9114 Ext. 4411 or fax/mail the form below:
Student Education Program Registration Form

Teachers will receive a Molding of a Leader lesson plans folder. Lesson plans are also available on- line HERE.

Attendance at a half-day teacher workshop is suggested prior to participation in the program. Workshops are scheduled for Wednesday, November 5, 2014, and Tuesday, March 10, 2015, but other dates can be worked out to accommodate teacher schedules. Call (717) 338-9114 Ext. 4411 or fax/mail the form below to register.
Molding of a Leader Teacher Workshop Registration Form

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