Lesson Plan

Molding of a Leader: Lesson 3

Lt. Col. Eisenhower and Renault tank, 1919.
Lt. Col. Eisenhower and Renault tank, 1919.


In this lesson, he students will read one or more of the stories from the life of Dwight D.  Eisenhower, and identify a character trait that Eisenhower learned from the experience or that he displayed in the story.


Students will read and analyze selections from various stories.

The students will use a graphic organizer to list character traits and give specific examples from the selections that show President Eisenhower was a person of character.




Molding of a Leader: Lesson 3 Materials
Includes the following stories:
Work and Play
Athletics by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Outdoor Life and Favorite Pastimes
At the Point
Ike's First Command: Camp Colt
The D-Day Decision
Towards the Presidency
Graphic Organizer
Assignment Template
Teacher References


  1. The teacher will review the preceding day's A Lesson in Time, and reinforce the definition of good character.
  1. The teacher will explain that the students will be reading stories from President Eisenhower's life as a young boy, a West Point cadet, a young officer, a general and a president. As students read the stories, they are to look for good character traits Eisenhower either displayed during the experience or learned from it.  The traits will not be named in the story. The students will have to draw their own conclusions from the reading.
  1. Students will use a graphic organizer to identify each trait , and cite examples from the story. This may be done in groups or with partners.
  1. Students will be encouraged to discuss their findings, and compare the President's experiences to their own.

5.     Students could be asked to share their story with the rest of the class.


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