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Conflict! The Eisenhower Years: Lesson 3

General Eisenhower meeting with American troops in England, 1944
General Eisenhower meeting with American troops in England, 1944


This lesson focuses on the life and career of Dwight D. Eisenhower and the role he played in affecting issues of the time.  Students move through a time line of Eisenhower’s life, adding information about the historical time in which he lived.


Using primary and secondary sources, students will be able to describe and discuss key political, social, and cultural events during the period of Eisenhower's life.





Conflict! The Eisenhower Years: Lesson 3 Materials:
Includes: A copy of Handout #4, "Eisenhower and His Time," for each student

You may wish to make an overhead transparency of the handout or scan and use it in a Powerpoint program.


Divide students into groups of three or four. Using history books as a resource, have students complete the left side of the time line by filling in historical events occurring in the nation and the world for each of these time periods. In addition to listing information like who is the President, tell students they can also fill in information about popular music, fashions, inventions, or anything else that helps them characterize the time. (Allow approximately 20 minutes to complete this part of the activity.)

Go through the time line, focusing on the events of Eisenhower's life (these are printed in Roman type). Ask students to share their picture of the time in which Eisenhower lived. You may wish to create overheads of the time line, writing in student' responses as you move through the lesson.

Point out to students that Eisenhower was involved in most of the significant national and international conflicts of his time. In the next lesson, students will look in detail at the kinds of conflicts Eisenhower faced and his style of dealing with them.

This activity could also be accomplished with a roll of newsprint. Events in Eisenhower's live could be listed on the top half, with corresponding events on the bottom half.



Have students create a time line of their own life.
Have students create a time line of Eisenhower's life in your classroom.

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