• Photo of the Eisenhower Farm. Courtesy of Stan Cohen.


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Guest Speakers

Demonstrating checks and balances via juggled tennis balls.

Demonstrating checks and balances via juggled tennis balls.


Rangers are available to to come to your classroom and conduct the following programs:

Eisenhower and Civil Rights
An in-classroom program examining Eisenhower and the early civil rights movement. In cludes Powerpoint presentation and analysis of primary source documents. Grades 7 to 9. more...

The Molding of a Leader
A character education program focusing on Eisenhower's leadership ability as Supreme Commander and President. Grades 4 and 5. more...

Did You Know?

Gen. Eisenhower addressing troops on the eve of the D-Day invasion

On the eve of the D-Day invasion, General Eisenhower wrote a short speech he intended to deliver if the operation failed. It was discovered days later by an aide after falling out of the General’s pocket. It read in part, ”If any blame or fault attaches to this attempt, it is mine alone.”