Getting Around

Restored Tallgrass Prairie located in the bluff country of the upper Mississippi  River Valley.

Restored tallgrass prairie at Effigy Mounds. The Monument also includes native prairie and goat prairies situated in the rolling hills of the upper Mississippi River valley.

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Touring the Monument

Touring the monument is primarily self-guided on foot only. There are 14 miles of hiking trails which provide access to the sacred American Indian bubrial mounds.

Ranger led hikes and other activities are available intermittently throughout the year; during the summer guided hikes leave daily from the visitor center at 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM. when staffing permits.

Be prepared to walk and hike with consideration given for proper clothing, footwear and supplies depending on the season! Most Indian mound groups, especially "effigy mounds", and restored native prairie are located along relatively steep hiking trails about 3/4 miles (or more) from the visitor center.

For mobility impaired persons, three burial mounds and the Mississippi River riparian / wetland habitat are accessible near the visitor center via elevated boardwalk trails.


Parking is available at the visitor center which includes space for bus and recreational vehicles.

No Camping Available Within the Monument

Below are listed several links to campgrounds and hotels in the area.


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