• A quiet summer walk through the Marching Bear Group of effigy mounds

    Effigy Mounds

    National Monument Iowa

Bicycling Information

Hiking Trail at Effigy Mounds

Hiking trail to Fire Point.

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There are no bicycle trails, nor use of bicycles on the Monument's hiking and walking trails. High impact recreational activity is limited at the Monument due to the sacred nature of the site.

Traveling by bicycle to Effigy Mounds can be dangerous; please use extreme caution on the approaches to the visitor center along HWY 76. There are no shoulders as you ride along a highway that hugs close to a railroad track (on the Mississippi River side) and 400 foot limestone bluff faces on the other.

Agricultural semi-trucks have trouble controlling their speed while trying to negotiate the steep downgrade on the approach from Harpers Ferry, IA.

From Marquette, motor vehicle operators need to concentrate on other vehicles to avoid hitting each other near the center line, especially when trying to avoid large chunks of limestone that intermittently fall from the bluff face.

Did You Know?

Ellison Orr at Desk: Most of Orr's collections reside at effigy Mounds National Monument

An important figure in the documentation of Iowa's effigy mounds was Ellison Orr. Born in 1857, Orr worked other jobs while pursuing research in archeology. After retiring at the age of 73, Orr began a career as an archeologist spending the next 20 years conducting surveys and excavations.