• A quiet summer walk through the Marching Bear Group of effigy mounds

    Effigy Mounds

    National Monument Iowa

Bicycle Information

Hiking Trail at Effigy Mounds

Wood Chipped Hiking Trail Near Fire Point.

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Bicycles are not permitted on Monument trails. Non-motorized access to the Monument's resources is limited to hiking, snow shoeing or skiing along designated trails due to the sacred nature of the site.

Traveling to the Monument on a bicycle takes you through one of the most scenic regions in the United States. The Monument's visitor center is situated along the Upper Mississippi River on the Great River Road (Iowa HWY 76) - a National Scenic Byway. We encourage you to visit, park your bicycle and hike our extensive trail system featuring ancient American Indian mounds and 400 ft overlook vistas of the Mississippi River.

The highway approach to Effigy Mounds is narrow; the road surface is located close to an active railroad line on the Mississippi River side and a 400 ft sheer limestone cliff on the other side. Use caution and be prepared for road impediments that appear suddenly around blind curves that effect motorized and non-motorized traffic; rock, mud, dirt and snow slides happen quite often seasonally.

Highway 76, two miles south of Visitor ncenter.
Highway 76, two miles south of visitor center.
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Did You Know?

Sny Magill Mound Group

The Sny Magill Unit of Effigy Mounds National Monument preserves at least 106 mounds representing the largest group of mounds in one location found in North America. The Unit contains two bird mounds, three bear mounds, 6 linear mounds and 95 conical mounds including a 2500 year old red ochre mound.