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Family Effigies

Family Effigies

Strand: Social Studies
Grade Level: 2 - 3
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: classroom
Objective: The students will be able to choose and animal to represent their family and support their decision with factual information.
Materials: 1/2 sheets of green construction paper
black crayon or marker
lined paper
Vocabulary: represent effigy outline
  1. Discuss with children different characteristics of animals that could also describe a person. For example bears are strong and eagles are graceful.
  2. Tell the students that they will be selecting an animal to represent their family and writing about why they chose that animal to represent their family.
  3. Let the students share reasons why a particular animal would represent their family. For example: A duck because the family enjoys going on the river. A deer because everyone in their family can run fast. Etc.
  4. The students choose their animal and write the reasons that the animal represents their family. Have them come up with at least 3 reasons that the animal should represent their family.
  5. On the 1/2 sheets of green paper, the children draw the outline of the animal they choose to represent their family. It should look like an effigy mound.
  6. This activity could be done for an individual effigy, rather than an effigy to represent a whole family.

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