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Bear Effigy Hoop

Bear Effigy Hoop

Strand: Art
Grade Level: 2 - 3
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: classroom
Objective: The students will be able to follow directions to create a project to remind them of their field trip to the Effigy Mounds
Materials: metal hoops (one per child)
prepared circles cut out with 6 - 8 holes punched in them, your choice of color
bear effigy patterns to trace (pattern)
assorted colors of construction paper for the children to use for the bear effigy
yarn (assorted colors)
feathers (optional)
Vocabulary: effigy
  1. Direct the students to cutout the circle (it already has holes punched in it).
  2. They choose a color for their bear effigy and trace it -- then cut it out
  3. They glue the bear in the center of the circle
  4. They choose a color of yarn and cut off a long piece of it
  5. They tie the yarn to the hoop and then "sew" the circle with the bear effigy to the hoop by going through a hole in the circle then go around the hoop, go through the next hole, then go around the hoop until they have gone all around the hoop and through all the holes of the circle
  6. They cut off a small piece of yarn to tie around the hoop so they can hang it up
  7. Optional: They can cut off 2 medium sized pieces of yarn and tie them to the bottom of the hoop (under the bear). To these pieces of yarn, they can attach feathers of their choice
  8. Suggestion: Write the directions on the board for the students to follow

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Effigy Mounds National Monument

Did You Know?

Ellison Orr Map of Marching Bear Group - Effigy Mounds N.M. Collections

Ellison Orr was 92 years old when Effigy Mounds National Monument was dedicated. The Monument owes much to his accurate maps, and careful cataloguing of hundreds of sites and artifacts. Orr died in 1951, leaving most of his personal collection of manuscripts, artifacts, and samples to the monument.