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National Park Week

PICTURE YOURSELF IN A NATIONAL PARK this April 21-29 as America celebrates National Park Week - a chance to hike, learn, share, and give back to the nation's 397 national parks. Entrance fees to all national parks are free for the week.

Come and picture yourself at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. Check out the video below and see how the park rangers pictured themselves in the park.


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Picture yourself 100 years in the past, where Thomas Edison invented motion pictures and recorded sound. This National Park Week picture yourself at Thomas Edison National Historical Park.


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Did You Know?


Clarence Madison Dally an employee of Thomas Edison at his West Orange research labs volunteered to work on the newly discovered x-rays. Using a fluoroscope, made of a fluoride gas filled light and two pieces of cardboard to focus the x-rays, Dally would expose himself to high concentrations of radiation eventually leading to radiation poisoning. After Dally’s death when Edison was asked about x-rays he would respond with “Don’t ask me about x-rays. I am afraid of them.”