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Audio: Wangemann’s 1889-1890 European Recordings

Theo Wangemann's 1889-1890 European recordings are available below in MP3 format, listed in chronological order. For historical context and transcripts, see:

[Note about sound quality: These brown wax cylinders survive in fair and poor condition. Groove surfaces are deteriorated with age, and heavily worn or damaged from historic playback. Some of the cylinders are cracked and broken with pieces missing. Sound quality of the audio is rough, due to these imperfections. Click here to read about the provenance of the cylinders. In 1889-1890, Edison had not yet standardized the phonograph's rotational speed for recording cylinders. Historic documentation of the "RPM" rates used by Wangemann to record these cylinders does not exist, so playback speeds are estimated here. Thanks to Ward Marston for volunteering his expertise to pitch the seven musical recordings.]














Did You Know?

A large birdfeeder on the lawn of Glenmont just outside the conservatory.

Mina Edison was an avid bird watcher. She had many feeders and birdhouses around the grounds of Glenmont. She even had a heated birdbath. In the winter she flipped a switch in her bedroom that would turn on the birdbath in the yard below her window and it would melt the ice.