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National Park Week

Picture yourself at Thomas Edison National Historical Park

In celebration of National Park Week the rangers at TENHP have made a short video to help you picture yourself at a national park. We hope you enjoy watching it was much as we did making it. Click here to watch!


Photographic Collection

The historic photographs here come from the Thomas Edison National Historical Park collection of 60,000 images. Click on a thumbnail image as you browse through the albums to see a higher-resolution photograph. If you have questions about the photos, please contact the Archives at 973-736-0550 ext. 22.


Listen to Edison Sound Recordings

We have compiled a selection of Edison sound recordings from the Thomas Edison National Historical Park archive in MP3 Format.


Theo Wangemann's 1889-90 European Recordings

Hear sound recordings made by Theo Wangemann, Thomas Edison's recording expert, in 1889-1890 during a trip through France, Germany, Prussia, and Austria.


Early Talking Doll Recording Discovered

Hear the earliest surviving talking doll record, made by Edison in the fall or winter of 1888, and preserved at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. In May 2011, scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recovered sound from the 123-year-old artifact. It hadn't been heard since Edison's lifetime.


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